Southeast Michigan winters can be brutally cold, and we all know how important it is to keep your heating systems functioning well and efficiently. When the winter temps reach the lowest temperatures of the year, we rely on our heating systems to keep our homes comfortable, warm, and safe. At Father & Son Plumbing & Heating, we understand the importance of your home's heating system during our harsh winter season. When you have problems with your home's heating system, we'll be ready to solve them quickly and get your home back up to comfortable temps again. We're Michigan's trusted source for reliable heating repairs. Michiganders know they can rely on our heating service specialists for any repairs to their furnaces, boilers, and other heating systems.

When you need regular maintenance, in-depth repairs, or even a replacement for a heating unit, our heating contractors will make sure your home's heating system is always in its best running condition. With every heating repair that we perform, we guarantee that you'll be getting top notch workmanship. We also guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work performed, whether it's a furnace repair, routine boiler maintenance or a heating system installation. You can depend on our Detroit heating contractor professionals for thorough and accurate heating repairs, no matter what sort of trouble you encounter with your heating system, regardless of the manufacturer or type of heating system you have installed.


Forced Air Furnaces

If a forced air furnace is the primary source used to heat your Metro Detroit home, it’s very important to keep it properly maintained. When you have a problem with your furnace, it can cause your home to become an uncomfortable temperature, and during the very cold months, it becomes a safety issue. At Father & Son Plumbing and Heating, our Michigan heating specialists know how important your furnace is to your family's comfort, so we’ll always do whatever it takes to get it back up and running as quickly as possible when you choose us.

Our Metro Detroit heating specialists have extensive experience working with all furnace types and manufacturers. We are confident we can troubleshoot your furnace issues, quickly diagnose it, and get your furnace working promptly and professionally. We know the importance of a properly working furnace and comfortable home, so we’ll got the job done as quickly and accurately. Father & Son Plumbing and Heating has been providing furnace repairs in Detroit, MI for generations - so you can rely on our knowledge. We've repaired and installed hundreds of forced air furnaces in the Metro Detroit Area, and you can be sure we will take care of your service request like we were working on our own home's heating system.

Common Forced Air Furnace Problems

There are many things that could go wrong with your Metro Detroit area home's forced air furnace, but some issues are much more common than others.  Click on the tabs below to read more about some of the most common problems:

Forced Air Furnace Repairs and Replacements

Forced air furnaces 15 years or older will need more attention, since this is the time when most furnaces will start to have major problems, and may begin to break down unexpectedly. Continuing to use your furnace when it has problems can raise heating costs, and can cause more problems down the line. Choosing a Detroit area  furnace repair specialist to address any issues with your forced air furnace as soon as issues develop.

Our heating specialists can provide you with a thorough inspection and help you determine whether furnace repairs will solve the problem or merely delay the inevitable. If you determine you need to have your furnace replaced, we’ll be happy to provide you with all of your options and do a thorough professional job on the installation. Father & Son Plumbing and Heating carries a great selection of furnace replacements in Metro Detroit from top rated manufacturers. We're confident we can provide you with the most energy efficient option that fits your budget.

Forced Hot Water Boilers

Father & Son Plumbing and Heating is a professional Metro Detroit heating contractor that specializes in keeping all types of heating systems in good working order. Let us help you keep your homes comfortable and your energy costs low throughout the frigid Michigan winter months. Our experienced Michigan heating specialists can provide maintenance, repairs, and if need be, installation of your forced water heating system. When it comes to installing and servicing forced hot water boilers in Detroit, Father & Son Plumbing and Heating has been there for our customers for generations.

Hydronic heating systems are are fueled by natural gas. The forced hot water boiler heats water, which is then carried through pipes to different rooms where radiators disperse heat from the hot water. When the water cools down, it is returned to the boiler to be reheated and circulated again. Hydronic Heating Systems, or Forced Hot Water Boilers, are a common heating method in Metro Detroit and are especially common in older homes. They can last a long time, even decades, as long as it is properly maintained and repaired.

Our experienced Michigan heating specialists recommend that you have your forced hot water boiler inspected and tuned up every year by a licensed contractor. Our maintenance and boiler system tune-ups will keep your system at maximum efficiency, and also help extend the lifespan of your unit.

We are boiler repair specialists and can provide you with knowledgeable and professional boiler service when you have problems with your hydronic heating system or another part of your hot water heating system. We work with all makes and models of boilers. If your Hydronic Heating System can't be repaired, our heating service professionals will be able to assist you. Our professionals can provide a complete installation for a brand-new, energy saving forced hot water boiler, whether yours can't be repaired, it's outdated, and / or it’s too inefficient. We'll help you choose a new boiler, and can be trusted as your boiler installation specialists. We install the best brands of new forced hot water boilers available.

If you are in need of a professional heating contractor that provides reliable forced hot water boiler installation, boiler replacement, or boiler repairs in Southeast Michigan, please call Father & Son Plumbing and Heating today. We will gladly provide you with more information about our boiler services as well as a free estimate.

Steam Heat Boilers

Most newer homes don't use steam boilers as their heat source, however, many older homes in the Metro Detroit Area still use steam heating systems. Steam heating is also prevalent in many multi-resident and larger buildings in Detroit. It is a common feature of apartment buildings, multi-family homes, and even older commercial buildings. If you have a steam heating system in your home, Father & Son Plumbing and Heating is the trusted heating contractor you can rely on to help you keep your radiator or boiler in excellent shape at all times.  If you need service for your boiler or radiators in the Metro Detroit Area, call us today. We are happy to provide you with reliable service and a free estimate for your radiator or boiler repairs needed.

Steam heating systems are not generally installed in newer homes, although if you do already have one in your home it can offer a number of benefits including the fact that they don't use any sort of duct-work, meaning they provide clean, dust-free heat. This is a huge advantage to homeowners who are sensitive to allergens that can be circulated by forced air heating systems.They can also be more reliable and durable that new heating systems as long as they're properly maintained. This is because they have very few moving parts, which means less things that can potentially fail.

How Steam Heating Systems Work
In steam heating systems, boilers heat water with gas, oil, or electricity until it turns into steam. That steam then travels through pipes to radiators or convectors which then heat the room. As the steam cools, it condenses back into water, and returns to the boiler to be heated again. Hot water heating systems operate on the same principle, using hot water instead of steam to heat the radiators in your Metro Detroit home.

Steam boilers have a longer lifespan than other types of heating systems; as long as they are serviced yearly to ensure correct and efficient operation. Our trusted Detroit Area heating specialists recommend that you have your steam boiler tuned up annually, preferably in the early fall before you begin heating your home for the harsh Michigan winters. Our yearly maintenance with scheduled tune-ups will help you find any minor problems with the steam heating system before they develop into larger  issues. Scheduled yearly maintenance will keep your steam heating system running correctly and efficiently, and ultimately save you money in the long run.

You can rely on Father & Son Plumbing and Heating for all your steam heating system service needs in the Metro Detroit Area, from boiler repairs to radiator installation.