Sewer & Drain Video Inspections

If you have slow running or backed up sewers or drains and can't figure out the cause or cure the problem, you may benefit from a sewer and drain video inspection.  Father & Son Plumbing and Heating is happy to help you diagnose your issue. Video Sewer Inspections use modern technology for a real-time, visual pipe inspection. Our sewer scope service is easy and affordable because we use state of the art equipment. We use a tool called a video drain snake (a flexible cable with a specialized waterproof camera on the end) our specialists are able to inspect every inch of your sewer and drains to properly diagnose the condition of your pipes and detect your problem areas. After our inspection, our knowledgeable technician will take time to explain the results, offer options, and give the advice you need to best fit your situation. This service includes a recorded video of the inspection on a flash drive for your records.

Often times, a video sewer inspection is suggested when purchasing real estate.  A small investment now can save you from a huge surprise cost down the road.  Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve before making your next real estate investment.

A Video Pipe Inspection will help find the problem at its source.  It can pinpoint many problems including broken, burst, collapsed, or cracked pipes; clogs in water lines, drain lines, sewer lines, storm lines, and underground septic systems; pipe leaks; pipe corrosion; root infiltration; misaligned pipes; bellied or sunken pipes, and more. You can trust the experts at Father & Son Plumbing and Heating to help pinpoint the exact cause of your sewer and drain problems.  Schedule your sewer inspection today!